Saturday, August 20, 2011

Starting with Baby Steps

To me, going green can be compared to running a marathon. As I am just beginning to run, the thought of running a marathon seems absolutely impossible. How can people possibly push their bodies to run 26.2 miles and manage to stay alive? I feel like dying after a half a mile. But in reality, marathon runners didn’t begin running 26.2 miles right off the starting blocks. They started small. Runners start running short distances and short races like 5K’s and build themselves up to the marathon over long periods of time. They start with baby steps. As a new runner, I am may even be starting out at a crawl and will have to work up to those baby steps. But they are baby steps leading to a healthier lifestyle.

Going green is similar. As I have been more conscious about living a more eco-friendly life, I have been taking a good hard look at everything I have. I can’t just throw away everything I own that may not be considered eco-friendly. If I did that, my house would be pretty empty. So like running, I will have to start small with baby steps. Luckily for me, I have already started in a few small ways. Since I love lists and they are easy to follow, I will list for you a few things I have already been doing as an eco friendly chic:

1.      I grow my own organic herbs.

2.      I recycle everything I possibly can, including little tidbits of paper.

3.      I reuse zip lock bags (thanks dad…)

4.      I buy cage-free eggs.

5.      I use cloth napkins every day instead of paper even when guests come for dinner.

6.      I use cloth bags at the grocery store.

7.      I drink my water from a re-usable stainless steel water bottle

8.      Almost all of the furniture in my house was handed down. (Reusing is eco-friendly, right!)

To some, this may not seem like a very long list for wanting to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle. However, I find this list to be a great base and I’m well on my way with these baby steps. There are plenty of new ‘green ways’ that I can incorporate into my life. For instance, while shopping for the weekly groceries, I was able to buy several different kinds of organic vegetables. Not only were they organic, but many of the fruits and vegetables were grown locally. My next baby step will be to seek out a local farmers market to purchase my produce. Buying organic and locally grown produce may be the only baby step I can afford to take when purchasing food (in addition to my cage-free eggs). The prices for groceries are outrageously high for organic breads, meat and milk. Purchasing all organic food will be too large of a step, kind of like going from a crawl to a sprint. As I get a handle on what green living is really all about, I may be able to take those larger steps somewhere in the near future. 3 cheers for today’s green baby steps! Tomorrow’s baby step may be more like a limp from today’s run… (haha)


  1. thanks for hopping by Couponing your blog..I have to say I'm not as "green" as you, but I'm doing better...I've gone from plastic to my paper bags!! Baby steps for me...I LOVE the reuse you just wash them or what???? Do tell because I use them everyday for lunches

  2. Thanks for visiting/following! I don't reuse the sandwich baggies because they are not very durable. I reuse the quart and gallon size bags. I just wash them with soap and hot water and when the outside is dry I turn them inside out to dry the inside. I don't reuse them I froze raw meat in them. I also wash and reuse aluminum foil too!

  3. Great Blog! You inspire me to do my part in going green! I'll have to post and share ways that I help the enviroment. I must say that I love your herb garden. How does it last in the winter?



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