Friday, August 19, 2011

Unexpected Green Encounter

Today was a green day! My day started out with a lunch date (we slept in) where we were happy to use a 'green' product that we are familiar with; ketchup! Heinz ketchup is now distributing their yummy condiments in environmentally friendly bottles. 30% of the clear 'green' plastic bottle is made of plants! Amazing what companies can do these days. The bottle is also (still) completely recyclable when your ketchup runs dry! You can read here how Heinz is managing their carbon footprint. Thanks for your green effort, Heinz!
Green Easy Squeezy

Hello, Plant Bottle

I also had another great green find during my day date today. Hubs and I are going to begin jogging/running together for some quality 'green' time. Since our old running shoes are no longer giving us the right support, we needed to find some new ones. While shopping, I was looking for a great running shoe that was stylish and that would provide the right support for my wide feet with high arches. I was not necessarily looking for 'green' sneakers. I found a great pair of Under Armour sneakers that are super cute and are a great fit. Hubs also chose a pair of Under Armour sneakers.
After our run today, I decided to go to the Under Armour website to do a little research. I was pleasantly surprised to find that UA has a green commitment! You can check out UA Green and shop their green line! I know I will be checking out this site frequently, especially if Hubs and I keep up with our running! Yay, Under Armour you get two green thumbs up!

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