Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fantasy Football, Here I Come

I have been a member of the Yahoo Pro Pick'em fantasy league for several years. Usually, I do alright but last year was my first year getting a trophy, hi ho silver! I was super proud of myself because I beat a bunch of boys. I came in second place to my husband (he always one-ups me in everything, it's so annoying). For all you sports lovers out there, Pro Pick'em is pretty easy. The teams are listed head to head for each week's games and you pick the winner and then you assign confidence points to them. The more points, the higher your confidence. It's fun, but it's not super challenging. You can get lucky and win big or be strategic and fall way short of the leader. I like to think that I did well last year because I'm skilled (haha).
This year, in addition to Pro Pick'em, I'm going to be joining my first real fantasy league. I'm actually getting ready for my draft as I write this, and by getting ready I mean hubs is doing all the work for me. I'm not expecting to do very well but I am expecting to gloat and brag if I do. I also might think twice about giving any credit to hubs and since he's such a nice guy, he won't complain.
I also saved the best for last. My team name is Glitz and Glitter Ball Crushers. It almost makes me want to wear a helmet and jockstrap. Wish me luck!


  1. I am not so much into sport, so I guess I would really suck at this :D

  2. I'm not into sports, but honestly It's awesome when some women are into sports. I wish I was. It's also awesome that you beat a bunch of guys! You go girl! :)

  3. Thanks Dirt! I love beating the boys as much as hubs loves being able to talk sports news with me. I guess it's win-win! I grew up watching and playing sports so I guess it's in my blood.

  4. The Man is doing a fantasy league this year...I'm hoping for the $200 prize money at the end of the season!




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