Monday, January 30, 2012

Time for an Update!

So it's been a long, long time since I have last updated. I stopped posting regularly last fall. Why? Well, I was just too tired from that dreaded PREGNANCY fatigue. Yes, I'm knocked up ;)
Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy to be pregnant. Today I am 22 weeks. Hubs and I did not announce our pregnancy until the start of my second trimester, although we did tell our families. How do you hide something like that from family? We couldn't, especially since every time we saw her (about once a week), my mom always seemed to wonder (out loud) when she might become a grandmother. There was absolutely no hiding it from her.
Anyways, I decided to change my old blog about green living to blog about my pregnancy and life in general. I thought this blog might be a great place to vent about pregnancy. My pregnancy is a high risk pregnancy because I have a pacemaker from a heart defect I was born with. Because of my heart condition I have been under the watchful eye of several doctors (OB, fetal specialist, cardiologist, pacemaker specialist and a lung doctor for my asthma). I feel like I live in a doctors office because I don't go longer than 2 weeks without seeing someone. Often times I've had 1-2 appointments a week. I complain about how many appointments I have but in reality, I feel so much better knowing that my baby and I are in such good hands. Also on a positive note, from having so many appointments, I've had 5 ultrasounds already because everybody wants to see the baby's heart and make sure it's beating properly. So far, Baby K has a healthy heart and a super strong heart beat.
Hubs is very excited about this pregnancy even though he tries to act manly about it. He hasn't been able to feel Baby K kicking yet on the outside. I've been feeling movement and kicks since I was 17 weeks. Yesterday was the first day I felt Baby K on the outside and of course, Hubs was still asleep. My puppy Brady can sense the changes. He never wants to be far from me or my belly. It's really cute. Rocco, my lab, seems to be oblivious.

Oh, by the way, Baby K is a girl!

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