Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Baby K's Nursery

Last summer, the nursery was an office space that we never used. This is what it looked like:

It's kind of embarrassing how empty and undecorated it was. But when I say we never used it, we NEVER used it. Our laptop was always either in the living room or the rec room and that's what we use 99.9% of the time.

This is what the office space looks like now as the nursery for our baby girl:

Baby K's room isn't quite finished. We are still looking for some blue accents, we need to get a changing pad to put on the dresser, we want to add some wall art with her name and I'm still deciding what I want to do for bedding. I love bumpers but I'm not sure if I want to spend the money on bumpers that will just be there for looks. If I get them, I'm not planning on using them in the crib until she's older. I'm also contemplating whether or not to get  a crib skirt. The crib really looks unfinished without the bumper and skirt. Oh the choices...
I'm really happy that the room is just about complete!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

33 Weeks 2 days

I can't believe I'm already 33 weeks! Time is really flying but at the same time I'm ready to be done. I'm lucky to still be sleeping alright at night but I am so, so tired during the day trying to keep up with my preschoolers. Thank God I'm on April vacation this week!
Baby K is looking great. I've been having weekly non-stress tests to monitor contractions that I've been having since 28 weeks. My doctors believe that the contractions are being caused by dehydration but I'm literally drinking as much as I can. It has been much better since being home this week. It's difficult to drink constantly in the classroom since I can't run to the bathroom whenever I need to.
When I last updated, Baby K was measuring big, by about a week, for her gestational age. At my last growth scan at 32 weeks, she was measuring right on track.
I had my first baby shower last Saturday. I got so many awesome things from my family and I am so thankful for my mom and sister for hosting! One of my favorite gifts was from my friend, a cloth diapering mama! She gave me a Bumgenius freestyle and and Itti-bitti tutto but the best part was she MADE me a bunch of super cute diaper covers! They are adorable and a few of them even had ruffles on the butts! I will have to post pics of them soon. They are so cute I can't wait to use them on Baby K!

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