Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Feeling Thankful

My husband went back to work yesterday. He's a physical education teacher so he had the summer off. Usually, he works at a summer camp as a camp director. Since Babycakes was born in late May, he decided to take the summer off. Since she's been born, he has only had to work a week and a half. I am so thankful that we were able to spend the first 3 months of Babycakes life together as a family.
I'm also thankful that he works so hard as a teacher and coach so I can be a stay at home to Babycakes. I know there are many moms who want to stay home with their little ones. I am so thankful I can.


  1. It is a wonderful thing when we get to be stay at home parents to our children.
    I found your blog via Naptime Review and am a new follower!
    Would love for you to stop by www.raising-reagan.com and take a look!

  2. It is awesome when you can stay at home with your baby! It is really nice that all three of you were able to be together for the first couple months. Good Luck to all of you with the new school year. And thank for joining the Sit and Relax hop!!
    Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life

  3. It's so great to be able to stay at home with your children. I've been lucky to be a SAHM to my daughter who's almost a year old, and I love every minute of it. I'm so thankful that my husband has a job that allows me to do this (even though we're running on a super strict budget!). I love meeting other stay-at-home mommies :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following along -- now your newest follower as well.


  4. It is great thing to be able to always be there for your children, thank God for an understanding husband.
    I have been following long ago VIA GFC.
    Have a super blessed day!

  5. That is awesome! I've heard in some European countries it is common for the father to also take a "maternity leave" when his wife has a baby. Isn't that awesome?! :) Glad you guys were able to do something similar here. New follow from the GFC hop!

    Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies



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