Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Glamorous Life of a Mother

Some moms make being a mom seem so glamorous. Their hair is perfect, their makeup is perfect and their outfits are put together perfectly. Their kids seem so organized and ready for school and/or activities. They seem like they're right out of a magazine; picture perfect. But is it always like that or is that just an image that they are able to portray? I want to see some brownie batter splattered onto their perfect white jeans and I want to see grass stains on their kids knees and I want to be reassured that their babies do, in fact, cry. That would make me feel a little bit better about myself as a mother.

My trip down motherhood lane has not been perfect. I feel blessed when I can get a shower in before 4:00. I can't remember the last time I wore makeup or used my blow dryer. I still wear my maternity shorts because almost 3 months postpartum (and losing the baby weight) I still can't fit into my regular shorts and I'm too scared to try my jeans. I'm lucky to give myself a pedicure every few weeks. Some days, I have to decide between brushing my teeth and going to the bathroom because I know I only have 2 minutes before the baby starts crying because she's not in my arms. Instead of perfume, I'm wearing spit up and I hardly have time to shave my legs when I get to shower. No, I don't have 'smokey eyes'. Those are bags from lack of sleep.
My life as a mother has not been glamorous. It's full of ups and downs and some days (or nights) I don't know how I make it through in one piece. However, I love every second of it and I wouldn't change it for the world. And those cute little smiles and coos I get are better than any pair of perfectly put together ensemble those glamor moms could put together.


  1. Amen momma! I hate walking into a grocery store to see those kinds of mothers, it makes me feel like I am failing when in reality, I am just trying not to loose my sanity! :) YAY for no make-up and maternity pants! (I still wear a pair of my comfy ones and my boys are 3, hehe)

  2. Those moms only look like that because they get dressed once a month and want to make the best of it! But I am sure it only last a few minutes, for me I get ten minutes tops, but I consider that lucky. Then I've got dirt, boogers, or a snack on me.



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